The big question in Durban is whether an extraordinarily obstructive Obama administration is days away from killing this process and burying its corpse next to the Doha round of trade talks. The stakes really are that high.
US environmentalists split over whether Obama's move was a triumphant save or an act of self-interest. Environmental Defense
Barack Obama is poised to arrive in Copenhagen tomorrow with additional pledges of cash for poor countries which will suffer
Britain has ramped up the pressure on the US and other countries to come up with firm targets and commitments to reduce carbon
Better to call this prize, as many have, including the Nobel committee, an aspirational award -- the committee expressing its own audacity of hope.
What truly deserving champion of peace did the Nobel committee slight this year in the process? None to my knowledge.
The Mets have shaken up their coaching staff. And in a startling upset, the entire training staff will return, but they'll change some "medical protocols." Like what, how to actually do medical training?
We told a delegation from India that no agreement can occur without transparency in reporting progress by the developing world. Without the ability to verify, what good is an agreement?
We had penetrated the multiple rings of security, outfaced the bureaucracy of the International Olympic Committee and stood our ground to deliver information that the mayor, the 2016 Committee and the entire business elite of Chicago didn't want to see and didn't want to acknowledge.
Maybe we should look within and rather than attract international visitors, let's look into our own backyards and communities and teach our youth how to be Olympians and how to compete.
President Obama came into office pledging to end eight years of American inaction on climate change under President George
President Obama is not nearly as gaffe-prone as his predecessor. But even he slips up once in a while. Vote for his biggest
That conservatives have such a blind, ignorant, hot hatred for Barack Obama and for anything that isn't them, that they'll sell America down Grover Norquist's bathtub drain just to have their way.
Except for the brief period when President Obama was off the plane and talking to Olympic officials, he probably read, talked to advisers, and possibly caught a badly needed nap.
"'South America has never gotten them, Brazil has never gotten them. It is a rising power, it would help Brazil. We don't
Projects like the Fresh Air Center are the success of a failed UN summit because of the social relationships established and the well-rooted online infrastructure and knowledge base created.
The most progressive US president in a generation comes to the most important international meeting since the Second World
Obama played it simple and hard. He maintained the United States was calling for three basic principles: mitigation, transparency
Tears poured down the faces of young leaders who are having a difficult time understanding how it is that after the election of a visionary president, the US could remain so far from delivering what the world expects on climate change.
Communities of color, who experience the highest rates of joblessness and poverty, have also been hardest hit by environmental injustices.