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At the stroke of midnight, March 16, 2015, the debt ceiling was again breached. The Treasury Department has begun "extraordinary measures" to forestall the certain default. Jack Lew must rob Peter to pay Paul.
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), meanwhile, was reticent to talk end games on the debt ceiling, but he pushed his party to use
"Bad habits are tough to break," the aide said of Friday's news that the risk corridors would be the next GOP debt limit
President Barack Obama on Wednesday praised congressional leaders for reaching a deal to reopen the government and lift the
President Barack Obama is slated to speak Wednesday on the deal reached by congressional leaders to reopen the government
White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that President Barack Obama is pleased with the deal on the government
Palin, on the other hand, said any such action would be a "betrayal" of future generations. However, Palin suggested that
President Barack Obama rejected a Republican proposal for a short-term debt limit hike, the New York Times reports. A statement
"We're not going to vote against making sure that America pays its bills, [but] we think it ought to be a longer term for
The administration is betting that at some point, the GOP will understand that its position is futile. And while that's a
"You have never seen in the history of the United States ... the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort
Obama insists he will not negotiate to raise the debt ceiling, though the talks in 2011 yielded a deficit-cutting bargain
As Congress braces for another debt-ceiling fight, Rep. Ted Yoho told constituents the nation's credit rating would actually be better if the United States defaulted on its debt.
Yoho spokesman Omar Raschid said Thursday that the recording is consistent with the representative's message. Two years, five
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The president has insisted that he will not allow Republicans to use the nation's borrowing limit as leverage. Republican