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Something is wrong when Supreme Court Justices wrestle this way with legal concepts. The problem is clearly not they. The law, regulations, and policies are the problem, as is the inertia that keeps them that way.
The criminal bars for parents applying for deferred action are very strict. Even if there is no absolute bar to a parent's application, immigration officers can still deny it for "discretionary" reasons -- in other words, if something about the applicant raises concerns about her continued presence in the US.
We are a long ways from fixing our broken immigration system if our only cause for celebration is relief from deportation in the interior of the nation, while we feed the deportation machine at the border.
“Can a President who wants tax cuts that a recalcitrant Congress will not enact decline to enforce the income tax laws?” asked
"We will stand with you as you take bold and meaningful action, consistent with existing law and historical precedent, to
I started going to Washington, DC to advocate for the Dream Act. We had people coming in to teach us about the policy process
UPDATE: 3/13, 5:20 p.m. -- The second bill aimed at Obama's executive overreach passed the House Thursday in a 244-171 vote
House Republican leaders unveiled their immigration reform principles on Thursday to GOP members, and notably included allowing
A report released Wednesday by the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program provides new information on the so-called Dreamers
Transportation Department spokesman Mike Charbonneau said Thursday that the state opted against the pink licenses because
The first groups visited recruiting offices in New York and Hanford, Calif., on Thursday, and others will do the same in
"The negative effect of this fiscal cliff fiasco is that every time we become engaged in one of these fights, there's no
Four states, including Arizona, have laws that specifically prohibit undocumented immigrants from paying in-state tuition
The Nevada decision may be blocked by the state legislature, which returns in 2013. Republican state Sen. James Settelmeyer
This story has been updated to clarify details of Obama's deferred action program. But the idea that Romney would be able
That could affect a lot of people. DHS noted that the pace of these early acceptances isn't necessarily reflective of how
Kobach has declined to comment on whether he agrees that deferred action waivers already granted should remain valid. Because
"We believe that the way the turnout is going to be magnified is by explaining to the American people what Mitt Romney doesn't
The Romney campaign ignored questions from HuffPost to clarify what would happen to undocumented young people who applied
Until recently, Florida has denied some parents the ability to pay in-state tuition for state colleges. However, two weeks ago, Ruiz v. Robinson found that a the Equal Protection Clause forbids this kind of discrimination.