Who's on top, the MSM or Digital Media? Who's leading the discussion, why, and is it a good thing? To help us navigate this tricky landscape, we asked New York Times reporter Brian Stelter.
Can the online innovations in entertainment TV change the game in politics and news as well?
I have traveled to Washington many times since President Obama took office, and each time I go, I am struck by the action-oriented and economics-driven tone he has set for clean energy and global warming policy.
The media-driven "100 days" obsession assumes that we're passive actors in turning around the mess Obama has inherited.
The first one hundred days in a presidency are roughly comparable to the first one hundred yards in a mile race. Our president may not have won anything yet, but he is off to a reassuring start.
Fox News has gone to tremendous lengths mainstreaming the sometimes violent, revolutionary doomsday rhetoric of the far right, which used to be confined to the extremist fringe.
Can Obama really and truly get us to take the long view? And can he both exploit and turn his back on the same media technologies that impact how we respond to events and crises?
Our top issue -- closing down Gitmo and shutting down the military commissions -- can be done as soon as he lifts his left hand, picks up the new presidential pen and signs an executive order.