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Obama: 'Couldn't Be Prouder' Of Jason Collins
The short post, which consists of the headline "Obama Vacations with Reggie Love, Not Michelle" and subhead "More 'gay' grist
Despite his calm demeanor less than two hours before hitting the stage, Martin is now working at a pace that recalls his
Jerome Corsi, who, despite his books sales is not a credible author, spoke with Kevin DuJan in a new article for WND. DuJan
Obama's support of same-sex marriage brings gay rights proponents one step closer to the dream of equality in marriage, but it also raises important questions about the legality of gay divorce.
Priebus would go on to re-affirm the Republican Party's opposition to gay marriage, as would presumptive GOP nominee Mitt
The vice president was saying what the president has said previously – that committed and loving same-sex couples deserve
While Obama has consistently maintained that his views on gay marriage are "evolving," equality activists have recently ramped
“I do,” he replied. “I think it’s basic to who we are. ... I don't think the government should be in that business of denying
The Republican National Committee released this recent photo apparently showing the contender for the Democratic Presidential nod in a romantic embrace with an unidentified white male.
Just seven weeks into office, President Obama is being forced to confront one of the most sensitive social and political
The Obama administration is telling the Pentagon and gay-rights advocates that it will have to study the implications for
I want to be reassured that this really is an act of shrewd politics. I want to know that the furor over this choice will
You'd think if anyone would appreciate that civil rights are civil rights, it's black Americans. And that's what makes the support of some among them of such bigotry particularly appalling.
Can the LGBT community take heart in the leadership Michelle brings, and in the words she says? Yes, I think, we certainly can.
Read more on Politico Larry Sinclair is wanted in Colorado, but you can catch him today at the National Press Club. Sinclair
Barack Obama's gay push continues. In addition to releasing a gay pride message yesterday, the Senator's campaign last night
The Philadelphia Gay News is hammering Barack Obama for what they say is his consistent refusal to speak to gay media outlets