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When Congress comes back next week, Washington will increasingly focus on what it calls "fundamental" tax reform. But it won't be entertaining reform capable of fundamentally shifting employment patterns and generating the jobs we need.
Liberals who are dreading the scandal-mania that is taking hold should note that it contains a potential upside: It could
WASHINGTON -- Over a two-and-a-half hour dinner at the Jefferson Hotel in downtown Washington Wednesday night, President
When legislation that would have extended criminal background check requirements for gun buyers failed in the Senate two
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] The underlying assumption here, of course, is the idea that if
"This was not a meeting for the president to reveal his confidential discussions with Republicans, but I think we got the
Some acknowledged a more equal need for each side to move. WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans emerged from their Thursday afternoon
President Obama took a break during his offensive to charm Republican lawmakers open to a budget deal on Tuesday. Joining the conversation is HuffPost Senior Political Economy Reporter Zach Carter.
"He thinks it’s very important that we solve these problems together, and he said that working together with Republicans
Costco Thing Four: U.S. Insists China Knock Off The Hacking: Obama's national security advisor, Thomas Donilon, demanded
Washington has Grand Bargain fever, again. Read more on Salon
"Right," said Gohmert, "and that's our leverage." The administration is calling on House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to
Jennifer Bendery contributed reporting. But in comments on Thursday, the speaker dipped back into the rhetoric that he and
"The question we should be asking is not 'which taxes should I raise to get more revenue,' but rather 'which reforms can
Despite the elite consensus in favor of austerity, a grand bargain is not assured, MacGuineas said. A little bit of money
In negotiating with John Boehner, why did the Obama administration prioritize debt reduction? Millions did what Obama asked in 2008 and voted their hopes, but how many were hoping for the Grand Bargain we really got?
WASHINGTON -- Jilted by Republican leadership during the deficit-reduction talks that accompanied the debt ceiling debate