obama grand bargain

When Congress comes back next week, Washington will increasingly focus on what it calls "fundamental" tax reform. But it won't be entertaining reform capable of fundamentally shifting employment patterns and generating the jobs we need.
Of course, with the GOP now fully in partisan agitator mode, the teensy, remote likelihood that it might sign on to anything
Whether the desire for a balanced budget or a full sequester replacement can translate into action is another question entirely
When legislation that would have extended criminal background check requirements for gun buyers failed in the Senate two
That Obama seems willing -- if not cheerful -- to compromise presents an existential problem for the GOP. (In the same way
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mich.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, was first to ask Obama about chained CPI
"The whole subject of entitlements came up, and I think his message was very positive," Roberts added. "I think in a general
President Obama took a break during his offensive to charm Republican lawmakers open to a budget deal on Tuesday. Joining the conversation is HuffPost Senior Political Economy Reporter Zach Carter.
At the White House later in the day, talk of potential unrest within the ranks was downplayed. Top administration officials
Thing Seven And One Half: Best. Arrested Development Episode. Ever: Happy birthday to Mitt Romney (66), Liza Minelli (67