Obama Inauguration

Jan. 20th, 11:07am With not even an hour of his presidency to spare, Barack Obama huddled in the holding room in the U.S
Good times. The media is too busy arranging interviews with the low-hanging fruit of Trump spokeslizards to pick up a phone
Shortly before the inauguration, Axelrod writes, “I cornered [Obama] and handed him the sheet of paper with the emergency
For a moment in time, Barack Obama was truly the world's president, as much beloved as Nelson Mandela, speaking boldly of global brotherhood, but carrying the big stick that was the awesome economic and military might of the world's most powerful nation. Then he showed up for work.
Let's hope this is sign of what TLC has in store for us the rest of this season with Chelsea Handler, Jim Parsons, Christina
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Tenn.) and his wife donated a combined $605 to President Barack Obama's inaugural committee in
I truly believe that this generation is different. We have an aura of tolerance and hope, and America will come closer than it ever has before to total equality in our lifetime.
Due to the number of baby boomers qualifying for Social Security and Medicare, spending will increase in coming decades as more members of the baby-boom generation become eligible for benefits and the health care cost for each enrollee increases.
Rev. Giglio most likely knows in his heart that it is time for a new perspective, one that his young audience has held for some time. Such is the dilemma that many faith communities must face: Either embrace a new perspective on LGBT people or lose the respect of future generations.
It's OK to be unapologetically awesome.
It seems to me that Jeff Zucker is going to have a hard time bringing CNN back to its glory days. After all, Inauguration Day comes only once every four years.
But perhaps the key to the business is its personal, family touch - some of the brothers' current employees also worked for
By any measure there have been tremendous gains in acceptance. But still, the list containing Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa, Jadin Bell, Tyler Clementi, Matthew Shepard, and countless others is not shrinking.
At times it seems that while we are succeeding in making the country more equal it is getting less of everything else. Through these problems, we continue to show resilience and persistence.
Can P.D.A., the C.P.C. and O.F.A. work together to build a larger coalition? Will Jim Messina reach out to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party? Hey, the president offered a progressive agenda, Jim. Why not?
There are no perfect allies, and the pace of change can be frustrating. But it only makes sense to show respect to people who have helped you and whom you're asking to do more. Smart political activism is not therapy. It is work.
Climate change is expected to be featured during the forthcoming State of the Union. It seems that the speech writers (who "live" in a different part of the West Wing from the policy analysts) came up with a theme, but there is rather little that can be done.
The arts and culture, often without us actually even understanding or acknowledging it, are how we celebrate the great moments of our lives and how we inspire our nation's greatest deeds
The safety and sustainability of our communities is essential to leaving a lasting legacy. We must connect ourselves with neighborhood groups that focus on reducing violence and promoting entrepreneurship and civic engagement.
The second inauguration of President Barack Obama proved many things. For all the men who have had a misstep that they could not recover from, seeing Obama defy those obstacles yet again was a revelation in itself.