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"The president has included more than $7 million to repair this facility in the FY15 Budget, but we would have been able
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $300 billion to update the nation's roads and railways. Obama
Our critical infrastructure has not received the attention it needs for decades and as a result today our efforts to rejuvenate economic growth are compromised by clogged highways and railroads, unsafe bridges, inadequate airports and outmoded river locks and harbors.
"I’m going to continue fighting for that funding, which is absolutely essential to northeast transportation," said Sen. Richard
In an auditorium inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on a mid-April day in 2009, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood unveiled an ambitious plan to revamp America's rail infrastructure.
Going forward, those private-public partnerships will be integral to ensuring that rail infrastructure continues to be modernized
The official said any increased spending associated with the proposals Obama was outlining Friday would not add to the deficit
Most Americans have long forgotten that the roads we all take for granted have a rich history that reverberates even today in the current budget debacle and fight over sequestration.
Our economy is built upon our infrastructure that is in clear need of investment. And that investment will create jobs in a time when new jobs are hard to find.
Here we have an investment that would repair the beating heart of America -- its roads, airports, bridges, transit systems and energy grid -- and House Republicans would rather skip it and go golfing with their funders.