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"The upshot: Congressional gridlock does not mean the federal government stands still," Podesta wrote. "This administration
President Barack Obama will visit an Amazon fulfillment center in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Tuesday as part of his national jobs tour, according to the White House.
According to Busk, the environment at his Amazon warehouse in Nevada was more fast-paced than fun. "It was probably one of
How? In his 2013 budget proposal, Obama called for devoting $1 billion to create a national network of institutes like the
Regarding the election, this news isn't likely to have much of an impact. There are very few undecided voters left and as this change was no shocker in either direction, it won't likely change any minds right or left.
The bastion of high finance, the IMF, has come out against austerity. Can Mitt be far behind? Look forward to the next debate, when Romney's new "etching" will no doubt have him denouncing the president for his jobs program, while suddenly offering up his own version to get the economy going.
With interest rates at a historic low, and a huge supply of surplus skilled labor, it's hard to imagine a better time than now for the U.S. to borrow a lot of money to strengthen its infrastructure.
He said that he doubts Romney will be successful in his attacks, such as a web video out on Sunday featuring unemployed Americans
Government data showed U.S. businesses slowed their pace of hiring in April to 115,000 new jobs, compared with forecasts
The JOBS act helps more people, entrepreneurs and investors, find more opportunity. That, more than bailouts, is the wise role for government to play in the shift from an industrial to a digital economy.
Finally, the House passed a jobs bill last week. And what a bill it is! Read more on ProPublica
The fastest growing category of employment is in temp work, followed by health care and "leisure" -- which is described as consisting primarily of "food service and drinking places." If it's "morning again in America," at least we know somebody's been hired to pour the coffee.
We're being treated to a morass of slogans and glib promises. Given how crucial this issue is to most Americans, the electorate deserves a lot better. Here's a modest proposal for a franker, productive debate.
NPR asked numerous House and Senate Republican offices recently to find a millionaire job creator to interview that would
A new CBS News poll has Obama's approval rating at 44 percent, with 54 percent of respondents saying he did not deserve a
If Congress is going to remain at a gridlock, all Americans must come together to help change the economic climate in this country before all hope is lost.
Perhaps no single issue is as pressing to Americans right now as the economy, which has shed millions of workers in the past
What America stands for is now being threatened. Right now the Occupy protesters are leading the moral struggle on behalf of the 99 percent in our country.