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Obama: 'Abraham Lincoln Is In The House'
Lincoln "understood that we're in this together; we've got to make an investment in our futures," Obama said. "It was with
RE: People have hand-painted my face on a billboard illegally, tattooed my art on their body parts and written songs about
Abraham Lincoln is the most revered president. This is especially striking in light of the fact that Lincoln presided over a period more challenging and economically destructive than any other in America's history.
In his words of consolation and exhortation in Tucson, President Obama strove to achieve an effect that many Americans were looking for. He comforted. Yet he did not instruct.
On Tuesday, one of those aggrieved groups -- the Progressive Change Campaign Committee -- announced that they had raised
She asked: "Are we willing, as Democrats, not only to reach out to Republicans, but to push back in our own party for people
I like to think that the Lincoln of the Lost Speech is the one President Obama is paying tribute to in Springfield. The Lincoln filled with the quality the world needs now more than ever: avenging fire.
Does eloquence ensure a successful presidency? Will Obama's outsized communications abilities allow him to succeed in leading the country back to prosperity? Only time will tell.
My view is that the success or failure of Obama's presidency will have a far greater impact globally than did the Lincoln presidency.