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Obama: 'Abraham Lincoln Is In The House'
"This has not traditionally been a Democratic or a Republican idea," Obama noted about infrastructure spending. "It was a
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Abraham Lincoln is the most revered president. This is especially striking in light of the fact that Lincoln presided over a period more challenging and economically destructive than any other in America's history.
In his words of consolation and exhortation in Tucson, President Obama strove to achieve an effect that many Americans were looking for. He comforted. Yet he did not instruct.
In both spots the object seems to be shoring up an area considered Lincoln's weakness. Halter has repeatedly brought up Lincoln's
"Let's remind ourselves that if you've got an economy suddenly contracting by 6 percent or a loss of trillions of dollars
I like to think that the Lincoln of the Lost Speech is the one President Obama is paying tribute to in Springfield. The Lincoln filled with the quality the world needs now more than ever: avenging fire.
Does eloquence ensure a successful presidency? Will Obama's outsized communications abilities allow him to succeed in leading the country back to prosperity? Only time will tell.
My view is that the success or failure of Obama's presidency will have a far greater impact globally than did the Lincoln presidency.
For years, Democrats have led Republicans in the polls on most of the issues tracked by pollsters except two: national defense and commerce. This administration has an historic chance of changing that.
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It is relevant to our own day, while respecting Abraham Lincoln's appreciation for historical experience, to recall his appreciation for the need for change.
In order to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, Marvel comics has planned events to cover all of President's Day weekend.
Even rewinding forty years, the secular Republican Party of Goldwater and Nixon looks outright liberal compared with Hannity's Republicanism.
Why did Lincoln defend slavery so vigorously in his inaugural address, thus alienating abolitionists and progressives in his party?
In the face of soaring budget deficits, Illinois is reducing access to some of its most celebrated Abraham Lincoln sites
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