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His Obama impression was so presidential that he had to scale it back to land the role.
(There's now a plaque at the site commemorating the first couple's first kiss.) The filming for "Southside With You" will
After the success of "Lincoln," acclaimed director Steven Spielberg said he's ready to move on to another project about a
However, despite the notable box office draw, the anti-Obama flick has been blasted by critics. Last week, President Obama's
2016: Obama's America is a tempest in a Tea Party. Dinesh D'Souza's movie is a breathless attempt to find questions for the long since settled answers widely known by most of America.
The main flaw in the film is its lack of balance. There is no attempt to show "the other side" of any issue. This is a movie with a message and a purpose, neither of which are intended to show a different interpretation of the facts submitted
However, success has not made this flick immune to criticism. The anti-Obama documentary expanded to theaters nationwide
The anti-Obama film, co-directed by D'Souza and John Sullivan and produced by Academy Award winner Gerald R. Molen, has already
The Obama 2012 campaign on Friday released footage of Elizabeth Warren's interview for "The Road We've Traveled," the upcoming
The movie is taken from Dematra's book "Obama Anak Menteng" -- "Obama, the Menteng Kid" -- a fictionalized biography based
[WATCH] The Politico reports that the Obama film was rushed into production after events turned against Citizens United: "We
The pool report on Friday from the Obama press corps revealed an interesting tidbit: Davis Guggenheim, the director of An