Pope Francis is about to set a new record, a diplomatic triple backflip that will be hard to top: three completely different summits in three days.
The pope's 184-page encyclical -- a formal letter to bishops released by the Vatican on Thursday -- calls for a "bold cultural
The president did not mention any disputes he might have with the Catholic Church, such as on abortion or birth control provisions
(AP) — President Barack Obama called himself a "great admirer" of Pope Francis as he sat down at the Vatican Thursday with the pontiff he considers a kindred spirit on issues of economic inequality.
In another moment of levity during the audience, after the delegation was being shown to their seats and pictures were being
VATICAN CITY, March 25 (Reuters) - Despite differences on moral issues, U.S. President Barack Obama will find in Pope Francis
But American and Vatican officials say the talks may disappoint those hoping for fireworks, and that the summit is going
On Wednesday, Obama quoted the Pope during a speech on income disparity. Speaking during an interview with MSNBC's Chris
Obama called the growing income gap the "defining challenge of our time," along with the increasing difficulty of upward