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This is a developing story and will be updated. At least one Democrat on the committee is uneasy about Boggs' background
"To the extent that the administration has holdover positions in siding with corporations, whether it's trade deals or other
If the Obama administration can't quickly fix the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, not only is President Obama's second term in jeopardy. Progressivism itself is in jeopardy.
Activism works. To the extent that the president's words and deeds have become more progressive, it's because people took to the streets and spoke to our leaders with votes, emails, and phone calls. But there's more to be done. Much more.
"This afternoon at the White House, the President met with influential progressives to talk about the importance of preventing
Alicia and Josh discuss Nancy Pelosi staying on as House Minority Leader.
Congressional leaders in the House and Senate have said they will work next year to pass a bill, and senators are already
In the process of putting together a far-reaching piece of legislation, the president will have the help of the progressive
"We are still on a complete fighting posture because we knew we had to win the politics in November and then on the economy
The possible election of Mitt Romney (and the likely election of reactionary Republican majorities in the Senate and the House if he prevails) could be the greatest threat to the nation since the Great Depression and perhaps since the Civil War.
There is no excuse for any progressive to sit this election out. Even if Barack Obama was the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the dynamic would be the same.
With Republicans running Congress, the president having angered much of the left and Governor Scott Walker surviving last week's Wisconsin recall, Netroots could have been really depressing.
The real challenge for progressives is to use 2012 to increase the likelihood that a reelected President Obama will keep to the new course in 2013.
Should we undermine the most progressive-minded president in at least a generation and will his failure help or hurt the progressive cause? Will his failure pave the way for a more progressive president or a less progressive president? This is the debate on the left.
The president's plan brightened the mood among Democrats on Capitol Hill as well. Some lawmakers were quick to assert that
A problem this serious needs a plan to match it in scope. Tax cuts and incentives for corporations have repeatedly failed
Stories recounting liberals' "frustration" and disappointment with Obama are dominating coverage of this year's Netroots Nation. But these stories miss the mark, fitting into a precooked narrative about "Progressives vs. Obama."
Pfeiffer tried to address the White House's occasional frustration with its critics on the left -- who, Gray was quick to
In that respect, the PCCC’s latest campaign fits its institutional niche -- the group has done wonders raising funds, building
When it comes to the decisions that I myself make, and the actions I take, I do have a line I believe I should not cross. But it's more problematic when it comes to drawing lines for others not to cross, presidents included.