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HuffPost reached out to all of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee to see if they planned to support Boggs. None
WASHINGTON -- Progressives will be up on their feet cheering at Tuesday night's State of the Union when President Barack
If the Obama administration can't quickly fix the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, not only is President Obama's second term in jeopardy. Progressivism itself is in jeopardy.
Activism works. To the extent that the president's words and deeds have become more progressive, it's because people took to the streets and spoke to our leaders with votes, emails, and phone calls. But there's more to be done. Much more.
Earnest wouldn't give details on who was in the meeting or how long it lasted, but HuffPost spotted several attendees on
Alicia and Josh discuss Nancy Pelosi staying on as House Minority Leader.
Tuesday's meeting was largely focused on taxes, the economy, and the so-called "fiscal cliff." And though Obama talked about
Following the meeting, a handful of attendees spoke briefly to the press, praising Obama for vowing to firmly oppose an extension
The early outlines came to focus in the last week, when top congressional Democrats announced (in a not-so-subtle bit of
The possible election of Mitt Romney (and the likely election of reactionary Republican majorities in the Senate and the House if he prevails) could be the greatest threat to the nation since the Great Depression and perhaps since the Civil War.