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Washington is gearing up for the biggest weekend in town, and no it's not a political rally. It's the White House Correspondent's Dinner.
Beginning as a White House correspondent for the Chicago Tribune in 2008, Parsons has covered three presidential elections
White House journalists are creating an alternative system for distributing their media “pool” reports in response to the
The attendees and discussion were not reported, and BuzzFeed said reporters were "loathe to discuss" the meeting given its
Obama went on to joke about the criticism his administration has received for the access it grants to the White House press
A notably jocular President Obama sparred with White House reporters during his press conference about the budget sequester
The president made the remark to members of the National Governors Association at the White House, The Washington Post's
According to a much-discussed recent report in Politico, members of the press are frustrated by their lack of face time with President Barack Obama.
President Obama speaks to reporters off the record, a day after White House press corps expressed "frustration" with their lack of access.
The website asked presidential historian Martha Kumar, who regularly crunches the numbers about the commander-in-chief's
"Come on, guys," Obama shot back. On Thursday's "Hardball," Chris Matthews played the footage of the encounter in the Oval
The White House is widely expected to overrule Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to try the highest-profile terror
No one's opened up a new frontier of journalistic atrabiliousness as CBS' News Dean Reynolds, who took to CBS's "From The Road" blog to throw a pity party, celebrating his own diva-ish distemper.