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"In 10 months, I will no longer be president of the United States. But in 10 months, I will - contrary to Mr. Trump's opinion - still be a citizen of the United States."
“These are constituencies that have been strong followers,” DiCamillo told the Sacramento Bee, but there’s “frustration in
He swept in early last month for a 24-hour period and raked in $3.25 million from two events in Atherton and San Francisco
He may have drawn wrath with his comments about Kamala Harris and his consideration of the Keystone pipeline, but no one
Obama aides said Obama can both support his own party's campaign apparatus while still seeking compromise with Republicans
While the post-election itinerary hardly has the shine of the President's previous trips, the reports still leave plenty
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama will be met on a fundraising trip to San Francisco next month by hundreds of activists
San Francisco has long moved beyond racial, sexual, marital and religious tradition, and accordingly, it was time for the
At another fundraiser later in the evening with roughly 6,000 people, Obama ripped Romney for his promise during the debate
President Barack Obama headed to San Francisco on Monday, his sixth fundraising event in the city this year. And if his one
Monday's event is Romney's third Orange County fundraising trip so far, and presumably Occupy OC will have more opportunities
SAN FRANCISCO-- One of the funny things about being president is that a lot of very different groups can intensely hate you
This article comes to us courtesy of SF Weekly's The Snitch. That's exactly how much his campaign has received from individual
"Grant's expertise will be key as we continue to face serious challenges and take bold steps to meet them," said Obama in
It's no secret that San Francisco hearts Obama. Instead of typical campaign field office activities, like door-to-door canvassing
The new law does allow restaurants to serve their existing stock of the soup until 2013, and Obama did not order the rogue
Hundreds of supporters gathered at the Nob Hill Masonic Center on Thursday night to catch a 40-minute speech from President
On Thursday evening, Barack Obama himself will pay a visit to San Francisco. And while he's been here before, this time he's
Despite an earlier promise to leave medical marijuana laws to the states, federal officials recently launched a whirlwind