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The Obama administration and the scientific community at large are expressing serious alarm at a House Republican bill that they argue would dramatically undermine way research is conducted in America.
Titled the “Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology (FIRST) Act of 2014," the bill would put a variety
"We want them to stay in academic medicine," said Rauen. "We want them to stay in clinical, translational research to provide
"The president’s budget does not reflect the potential the U.S. has to advance scientific discovery," said Mary Woolley, the
Here's a portion of that email: That's nothing to scoff at, but it also doesn't fill the hole. According to the NIH, 640
"Bob and my concern was that, at a minimum, let’s hold where we are with NIH," Burr said. "We think there is every reason
WASHINGTON -- The scientific research community was left disappointed after lawmakers on Monday night unveiled a new spending
Public investment in research has not been enough to keep America in its lofty global leadership perch. According to the
More than 3,700 scientists from all 50 states participated in the study, offering online responses in June and July 2013. They offered sobering assessments of the state of their profession.
"Globally, the United States invests more real dollars in research and development than any other country," the study notes
Roughly six months into sequestration, the situation is worse than predicted. Internal NIH estimates show that it will end up cutting more than the 700 research grants the institutes initially planned to sacrifice in the name of austerity.
"Whether I'm talking to Republicans or Democrats, and whether it's the Senate or the House, they all kind of go, 'yeah, you
Framingham's shortcoming, at least in this political age, is that it depends on government funding to do its work. The Study
Robert E. Marc, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Utah School of Medicine Responses varied
In January 2002, President George W. Bush unveiled a five-year budget proposal that called for a doubling in NIH funding
In an era in which some members of Congress are attempting to undermine the peer-review process and academic freedom in research, it is heartening to have the support of the president on these important issues.
"Your letter marks the beginning of an investigative effort, the implications of which are profound," Johnson said. "This
The analysis looks at 10 issues, including tax and trade policy, biotechnology, and energy research. It is "encouraging" that
That apparently won't happen, though, so we're left to parse the candidates' written responses. This echoes the results of
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