obama second term

Here is what is rarely acknowledged and speaks volumes about Obama's impact: we now accept the sea change in the lives of most Americans that the Affordable Care Act swept in. No one serious challenges the Affordable Care Act's guarantee of insurance coverage for all without the threat of preexisting conditions, the new coverage for the prescription drug benefits for seniors and much more.
Obama is prevented from re-election by the 22nd Amendment, which has limited presidents to two terms since 1951. The public is strongly supportive of this restriction, but more divided in their perceptions of the effect of the two-term cap on presidential second terms.
There has long been a pattern to Barack Obama’s political career on the national stage. There are moments of soaring moral
Two senior White House staffers stumbled out of the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago into the boozy, early-morning aftermath of
Since last November, Senate obstruction hasn't disappeared, it simply has taken a different form.
Imagine a progressive president fighting to fix the insane economic inequality in the country or to end the senseless drug war or best of all battling to get money out of politics. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well, that's not the president we have. We have one who is coasting. But God knows what he's coasting toward.
News is what's happening right now, or just happened, or is about to happen. Anything that occurred before today's news cycle is history. This feeds a national attention deficit that leads us to careen from crisis to crisis like a drunk in a Ferrari.
In terms of diagnosis, it was a speech of great depth. In terms of prescription, it was ambitious. Clearly, he knows this Congress will not legislate his economic agenda. But he must set the terms of the debate, and I thought his terms were exactly right.
It seems like every new poll shows President Obama's approval rating slipping lower and lower. The second term slump is nothing new for presidents. What has been striking is how quickly Democrats have started to break away from President Obama.
President Obama has not exactly had an easy time his his reelection. On last night's "Saturday Night Live," a commercial
As the battle over the Keystone XL pipeline has worn on -- and it's now well over two years old -- it's illuminated the Obama presidency like no other issue. It offers the president not just a choice of policies, but a choice of friends, worldviews, styles.
When President Obama decided to seek authorization to bomb Syria, he didn’t just throw the fate of his plans into the hands
A second term of office for a president should be one that defines and seals an historical legacy, one in which a certain level of maturity and vision is achieved in the absence of the need to get reelected to office. Obama's second term is shaping up to be nothing more than a repeat of his lackluster, or half-assed, first four years in office.
President Obama's environmental policies are likely to play a prominent role in defining his second term, even as the budget
We would all benefit from listening to the voters who may be trying to tell us something about what is happening in Washington and the U.S. Congress. Maybe there is a price to pay for not trying to help our country meet its challenges.
Based on the challenges to his legislative agenda, at present it appears that President Obama will have an unimpressive second term and he does not seem to have the tools to change that.
For Vadehra, the move would be a return to the Education Department, where she worked as deputy assistant secretary for planning
Obama may be criticized for not schmoozing enough with individual congressmen, or for running a sometimes imperfect administration (those so-called "scandals") but what remains critical is his willingness to engage Americans and push forward matters of national import.
In November 2012, the nation, by a fairly sizable majority, reelected their president to serve another four years. Sometimes that is referred to as the "will of the people." So what happens when the people's will is being stymied by the gamesmanship of a gang of 45?
If he weren't president today, Professor Obama would be up in arms over the actions of President Obama and his administration. In fact, he was up in arms over similar things involving the administration of President Bush.