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"Fortunately, we beat him in court and beat him in the court of public opinion," Bird said. "But this has a massive impact
President Barack Obama announced Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) as the next Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton. Sam Stein and Josh Hersh join Mike to discuss.
According to the New York Times, Obama does not intend to name a new secretary of defense or CIA director on Friday. Kerry's
For weeks, Rice was accused of having intentionally misled the American people about the cause and nature of the September
It is also possible that Hagel's name was being floated to show Obama's willingness to reach across the aisle, even if he
Sure, there's strong precedent for confirming presidential cabinet appointments and valuing competence and credentials. But McCain and Graham in their infinite wisdom are pointing to a way more entertaining path.
It was Tuesday morning in Phnom Penh when Barack Obama decided to dispatch Hillary Clinton to the Middle East to try to help
During an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, McCain said, "Susan Rice should have known better, and if she didn't know
Foreign policy wasn't the issue that got President Barack Obama re-elected Tuesday, but with upheaval in the Middle East
When asked if current events will force her departure date to slip, she said it was "unlikely," but for the first time left