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The data suggests that the president was a huge drag on his Senate candidates. In all the critical states, Obama's popularity
Furthermore, the campaign said, insurance providers in Arkansas could follow a recent Obama administration directive allowing
The relationship between President Obama and Senate majority leader Harry Reid had been deteriorating since 2011, with Reid losing respect for Obama's ability to negotiate with Republicans and Obama unsure if Reid had as much control over his Senate Democratic caucus as he liked to say.
"I don't always feel this way, but I really felt so right about what we were trying to do," Reid said. "And when the president
UPDATE: Obama was apparently sensitive to charges that he was dismissing Congress' oversight task in a fashion reminiscent
President Obama took a break during his offensive to charm Republican lawmakers open to a budget deal on Tuesday. Joining the conversation is HuffPost Senior Political Economy Reporter Zach Carter.
At the White House later in the day, talk of potential unrest within the ranks was downplayed. Top administration officials
Speaking before House Democrats at their annual issues conference, Obama said he remains committed to a long-term deficit
The retreat also offers Obama his first chance to pitch directly to senators his proposal for a quick fix to avert the sweeping
She asked: "Are we willing, as Democrats, not only to reach out to Republicans, but to push back in our own party for people
If the ball is indeed in the Senate's court, it's members did not receive specific instructions from Obama on how to get
Senate Democrats have dropped two controversial spending programs in the Senate economic stimulus bill: $75 million dollars
The original TARP legislation required the president to specifically request the second half of the funds. Congress then
The Obama team has the political power to secure the funds without Congress' approval - the House and Senate can vote against
Reporters crowding around outside the Senate Democrats' lunch on Capitol Hill today didn't hear much from special guest President