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The coming months may be the last best chance to eliminate spending caps in the Obama era.
"In the past, all of the shutdowns and threats of shutdowns occurred because Republicans were trying to change current law
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The president is banking on the legislative process never getting to that point. Congressional Republicans are invested in
“The President will propose to end the across-the-board sequester cuts that threaten our economy and our military," a White
"Clearly," is right. One top Senate Democratic aide said on Thursday that a deal "is unlikely to be announced until sometime
But other Democratic leaders are less willing to go along. "Talks are very fluid," said a Republican House aide. "These things
House Republicans on the Appropriations Committee have said already that they find it impossible to work under sequestration
WASHINGTON -- The top Republican appropriators on the Hill warned in a Monday letter against keeping sequestration in place
WASHINGTON -- As the United States government approaches a deadline for raising the debt limit and the government shutdown nears its second week, Senate Democrats are taking a stand on sequestration.
“The parties have different views. We passed a budget of $1.058 trillion and they passed one -- the Ryan budget -- [at] $988
But while Pfeiffer was adamant that the president opposed addressing only the defense portion of sequester cuts, he did say
But the initial reaction from senior Democratic Senate aides was basically a scoff, noting that the offer was a far cry from
Andrews stressed that he was speaking on his own behalf and not drawing on conversations he has had with members of the administration
Our policymakers don't seem to be paying much attention to faithful Americans and advocates who are urging Congress to replace arbitrary spending cuts with a rational budget plan that promotes economic growth along with responsible spending.
"I think in 2014, the most significant effort for us will be canceling contracts," he told Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.). "So
"You seem to suggest that somehow these folks over there have no responsibilities and that my job is to somehow get them
On Capitol Hill, there are two ways that people tend to talk about the sequester -- a slate of automatic federal spending