obama tax cuts

The past 35 years have ushered in a considerable drop in the top rate paid by the most wealthy Americans, effectively narrowing the difference between the rates for the 1% and the rates for middle America.
Washington's obsession with tax cuts and deficit reduction is distracting the American people from the slow dismantling of the social contract, and its devastating impact -- financial and otherwise -- on all but the wealthiest among us.
Beneficiaries of the legislation say they simply capitalized on a tax benefit that helps them grow their businesses and hire
What irritates me is the extent to which Noonan is still out of touch with reality when it comes to the Republican brand. As long as Republicans can't see that people making $400,000 a year are actually rich, they will have a hard time building a new constituency for their party.
Obama's concession to Republicans is opposed by a majority of Americans, according to a HuffPost/YouGov poll. Fifty-two percent
While negotiations remain ongoing, the president told Walters that he believes they will reach a deal in time. Obama met
Some wealthy families will also be able to catch a break by taking advantage of tax cuts intended to help the middle class
The Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of the year, when the budget cuts mandated in last year's borrowing cap negotiations
In the hallucinogenic haze that is today's far right, apparently it's "radical" to promote ideas and policies supported by most American voters -- including, in many cases, most Republicans.
"I'm one voice. I'm not king of the universe, and I support my speaker," Cole said. "I recognize he's the speaker. I support