Obama tax reform

Republican leaders are scoffing at a proposal that President Barack Obama unveiled Tuesday tying corporate tax reform to new investments in job creation. Their opposition boils down to one looming question: What's in it for us?
Palmieri also dismissed the idea that Republicans were kept in the dark about the plan, despite McConnell and GOP aides complaining
Limbaugh said that Obama was on what he called a "class envy tour," campaigning around the United States and "trying to make
Why isn't the White House just proposing to close the loopholes without reducing overall corporate tax rates? That would generate more tax revenue that could be used for, say, public schools.
Pretty much every discussion of tax reform these days ends with an agreement that we need to broaden the base and lower the rates. Well, the White House today will release the broad outlines of a plan to do just that on the corporate side of the federal tax code.
How does GE play the game so well? There are a number of routes that companies who pay low corporate tax rates can go, such