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Bring on the challenge, and go BIG! To change, we'll need practice and lots of it. We will need to be determined, patient
Like it or not, the transition of the new Administration is mirroring the personality of Donald Trump.
WASHINGTON — Officials from the White House and each of the five presidential campaigns are meeting on Wednesday at a luxurious
On Tuesday, Bill de Blasio was chosen the new mayor of New York City. But following months of campaigning, the real work of city governance began on Wednesday during the eight-week mayoral transition.
Know yourself and prepare. "First impressions do matter, and you will be in the spotlight the moment you walk through the
For the last eight years the Connect U.S. Fund has brought together a community of advocacy and grassroots groups, philanthropic foundations, and think tanks to push for farsighted American leadership in efforts to create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.
Transitions almost inevitably will turn into steep roller coaster rides, but with thoughtful and forthright management, they can be turned into productive experiences for everyone involved.
(See a January 2011, 40-minute video of a talk by Nicole Foss from The Nation magazine's excellent Video Nation series.) Like
If Obama and Biden are seeking a pro-active and self-motivated secretary of state in harmony with their own visions, one that will command immediate respect, Kerry is looking better for the position every day.
Instead of giving us change and hope, biotech "Yes Men" on Obama's team may prolong the hypnotic "group think" that has been institutionalized over three previous administrations.
After all weather effects of 21st century climate change have disappeared from the earth's surface, two destructive impacts traceable to George Bush's policies will yet remain.
Quadrangle Group LLC co-founder Steven Rattner, the subject of state and federal investigations of corruption at New York
So, to my fellow LGBT friends and our straight allies -- let's use the Rick Warren choice as an opportunity to be impatient. I for one plan to be impatient constructively.
This is the last of my 3 part installment of posts entitled Grand Theft Auto. In this post I will discuss inner city public rail transportation and automobile use in urban settings.
America, it is time to get serious about rail and stop getting our a** kicked by the rest of the world.
While my belief in the potential of the Obama administration is strong, the connection I felt during the campaign has faded. The disconnection I feel comes from the Obama administration's struggle to move from campaign mode to governing mode.
When I and others suggested that the Birthers, the Tea Baggers, the Limbaughs and Becks of the world were motivated at least in part by racism, the President himself said he did not believe that to be the case.
Now that just about the entire world has weighed in on whether or not President Obama deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize, the fact remains: he was awarded the prize.
If Obama doesn't deliver significantly, disillusionment and anti-Americanism will increase among the very people who were euphoric at his election.