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President Barack Obama nominated the former White House Chief of Staff for the position in January. Lew, a leading federal
Monday afternoon, The New York Times revealed Lew received a $685,000 bonus when he left his position as a New York University
"The confirmation process continues to move forward. All members are entitled to ask Mr. Lew follow up questions. And Senator
Isakson dismissed those criticisms. Lew, he said, "was very approachable. I didn't get any sense of that at all in this meeting
Of course, the aesthetics of Lew's signature will be almost entirely inconsequential if he's eventually confirmed as treasury
Matt Taibbi On Who Should Be Treasury Secretary
Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner retains the confidence of President Barack Obama as he faces questions
I don't think he did well yesterday. I don't know that he's the right guy for the job. But what I do know is the following
The Most Efficient Cabinet Selection Process in Modern History could be poised to get scandaltastic, with the nomination of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner hitting a snag over some spicy housekeeper stuff!
The Economist profiles Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary pick, who they approvingly describe as a "seasoned crisis manager
Intense backlash from women's groups may have pushed former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers off the short-list to
There is a strong chance that Lawrence Summers is going to be returned to the post of Secretary of the Treasury. Larry will have to prove to us that he is different and not the harbinger of Clinton Term III.
Just at the level of optics, since the economy is issue number one right now (and not just the real economy of jobs and living
Further, Wang said it would be a good idea, from both crisis management and continuity standpoints, for President Bush to
Attorney General For, perhaps, this most important position, Obama has a slew of options. New York Federal Reserve Bank president