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Specifically, the number of part-time workers in the U.S. fell in February to about 27.3 million, the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Literally interpreted, a highly paid professional athlete could be provided the same health coverage as the accountant despite
Those concerns that Obamacare will make the nation’s part-time recovery even worse may be a bit overblown, according to the
SeaWorld Entertainment is cutting back work hours for some part-time employees, a move that will help it avoid an Obamacare
U.S. businesses are hiring at a robust rate. The only problem is that three out of four of the nearly 1 million hires this year are part-time and many of the jobs are low-paid.
Similarly, a memo that leaked out from teen and young adult retailer Forever 21 last week showed it was reducing a number
Dave Dillon, the CEO of the Kroger grocery chain, told the Financial Times in February that while his company plans to continue
The AAUP statement said Tuesday that until the IRS' final ruling, it endorsed using a "reasonable" method, while offering