Oberlin College

Gibson's Bakery claimed it was wrongfully accused of racially profiling three black Oberlin students who they said were trying to "illegally obtain wine" at the store.
Sad to say, today's colleges and universities seem determined to treat Presidents as CFRs -- Chief Fund Raisers. By embracing
Mark had no longing to play piano or, for that matter, any other musical instrument. He took lessons at age 8 simply because
Cultures in West Africa may have invented an incredibly beautiful and practical piece of clothing--the dashiki--but only
David Ellis can't stop the clowning around. His 4-year-old daughter, the so-called Lady S, is looking down on him, longingly, from the second-floor bedroom window.
* From How Oberlin Works Oberlin has a strong tradition of advancing the human condition through the arts and sciences grounded
There's a baby grand in the living room, but when Phyllis Chen sits down to play, it's at the child-size cherry-red toy piano.
Ian Siegel is co-founder and CEO of ZipRecruiter, the job platform for small and midsized businesses, where he drives the company vision, product roadmap, and internal and customer growth.
Last week, I went back to Oberlin for my 50th reunion where much of the weekend was a celebration of our graduation ceremony in 1965, whose commencement speaker was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Imagine what his prophetic voice might have accomplished had he lived into the 21st century.
The high-end art world is a complicated place. It's amazing how two pieces by the same artist can end up in such dichotomous homes. This week's stories draw us into contrasting worlds, assuring that you'll have an interesting topic of discussion ready for Saturday's dinner party.
The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland honors African-American heroes and heroines. Match the following heroines with her accomplishment.
Simmons made history in 1995 when she became the first African-American woman to lead a top university and again in 2001, when she became the first African-American president of an Ivy League University.
Even at the 36 taxpayer-supported public universities that signed the White House pledge, poor students paid an average net
Omega: Back in 1996, you helped organize the construction of one of the greenest buildings in North America, the Adam Joseph
"Can I go down on you?" "No," I responded, breathless. "Not yet." Read more on Cosmopolitan
Soprano Tony Arnold is a luminary in the world of Chamber Music and Art Song. Today's classical composers are inspired by her inherently beautiful voice, consummate musicianship, and embracing spirit.
If someone had warned me that Wharton's novel could be upsetting or painful for whatever reasons, I might have avoided it, skimmed it, or turned to Cliffs Notes. I would have missed a book that helped change my life.
3. The people of Central Appalachia will seek to protect, sustain and enrich their human, natural and cultural capital. The
The Obama Administration is transporting Wall Street logic into higher education by proposing to measure the value of a college by the earnings of its graduates. This conceptual coup may be the best news for Wall Street since the abolition of Glass-Steagall.