"Is it morally wrong to question? Are there things that should never be questioned -- off-the-table, non-negotiable items
Another study, this one at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2012, found that people who watched Fox News, CNN and CNBC were
Yet impartial journalism is remarkably resilient, despite the mocking and stereotyping it has endured. There's plenty of room for other models, but it's worth recognizing the value impartiality delivers.
In the early 1990s the media identified an existential threat: violent crime. But violent crime was actually on the decline in the early '90s -- including a 4 percent drop from 1993 to '94. Thus journalistic malpractice led to policy malpractice, with consequences we continue to live with today.
By a strange and unexpected chain of events, real science finds itself at a turning point where skepticism itself is proving to be a dubious attitude.
In the first blog in the series on "Objectivity: The Power of Seeing Things As They Are," I presented extreme cases of extreme
Objectivity is seeing and accepting things as they are without projecting your fears, mental models, and past experiences, and responding thoughtfully and deliberately to the people, challenges and opportunities in your life.
Today Scott passed Jim's desk without saying hello. Period. End of story. Jim made up everything else. Can you blame Jim? Were his thoughts irrational?
The laws relating to division of property and support and all other laws pertaining to families vary from state to state
Ethics on every level are best upheld when there is oversight. If it works for corporate leaders, the general public and government officials, it should also work for those in the media. Self-supervision has rarely proved objective or effective.
Losing a million dollars taught me that being happy, effective and successful requires greater objectivity, which could be simply defined as seeing things as they are.
Is it really a good thing for journalism to expect reporters to be empty vessels simply reiterating information from others? This defeats the very purpose of media as fourth estate, as a watchdog of the powers that be.
Is someone who is straight (or closeted) any better able to cover a gay story? Every reporter has a long list of bias points. It is time we shatter this notion that being part of a minority group means you should not be able to cover that group.
Extraordinary winds of change are blowing through the Arab world. It is huge news, so let's treat it with the professionalism and independence a truly monumental event deserves.
Ponder: if an illusion (of self) exists is it still an illusion? 1, 2 Meditations through Rg Veda (Antonio de Nicolas) Just
Olbermann was not objective -- it was his job not to be. We all know where he stood. I say he should put his money where is mouth is. He just shouldn't have hidden it or be made to do so.
Until the UN Human Rights Council stops turning a blind eye to the myriad abuses occurring elsewhere, focusing nearly all of its resources on attacking one nation, it will continue to be impossible to take seriously.
Are there objectivity problems in the media? Is there any such thing as objectivity?
Those who believe that the law is not always so clear, that Constitutional values will sometimes be at odds, will argue that Justices will occasionally have to look beyond the law.
As a result of the reluctance of the executive editor of theNY Times to do the right thing, the newspaper has lost its star Gaza reporter and has short changed its readers.