obstruction of justice

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who appeared with Schiff, called the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump "sad."
Dowless was indicted on Tuesday on new felony charges including perjury and obstruction of justice, prosecutors said.
The president complained about the former special counsel's investigation and said people should be looking into Barack Obama's book deal instead.
Former special counsel Robert Mueller explains why he decided not to serve President Donald Trump with a subpoena in order to obtain an in-person
Former special counsel Robert Mueller was asked whether he believes the Trump campaign has set a new precedent of accepting hostile foreign election influence without reporting it to the authorities. He replied, “I hope this is not the new normal, but I fear it is.”
Robert Mueller said that President Donald Trump’s “problematic” praise of WikiLeaks is worthy of an investigation.
Robert Mueller contradicts President Trump’s assertion that the special counsel’s investigation was a “witch hunt.”
The former special counsel testified before the House Intelligence Committee regarding his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.
During his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, the former special counsel agreed that the president could be charged with obstruction of justice.
Former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress on Wednesday regarding his investigation into the 2016 election and obstruction of justice.
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller said that his report doesn’t exonerate President Donald Trump.
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivers his opening remarks before testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on his investigation into the President Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election.
Action could "be taken up by the Congress while the president is still in office — or by the courts after his term is complete," warned the Fox News host.
The senator told "The NPR Politics Podcast" that the department under her presidency “would have no choice" given Robert Mueller’s report.
Rep. Nadler said the Justice Department agreed to turn over some evidence from the report, including files used to assess whether the president obstructed justice.
As Robert Mueller himself said last week, his investigation didn't clear the president of obstructing justice.
The behavior of this president "ought to concern anyone that cares about the honest workings of government,” warns a Reagan administration official.
"If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that,” special counsel Robert Mueller said Wednesday.
Rep. Jerry Nadler also subpoenaed the chief of staff to former White House counsel Don McGahn.