The former employee did not return the thousands of files.
It's all about how millions of Americans who may have been thrown out of their homes, or at least forced to stress about the possibility, were denied access to information that might have revealed how widespread the foreclosure problem was.
"Whatever the ink on the page now says, the key is vigilant regulatory enforcement," Merkley said, "and if we don't have
In his words, here's the story he refers to as "The Modified Mortgage Issue": "The OCC is determining what to do with the
The ghosts of the Enron Corporation are haunting us still, and they are a lot scarier than any horror movie ghosts because, unlike the Hollywood variety, these ghosts still have enough substance to cause an economic nightmare.
Let's face it. The biggest bank regulator in the U.S. is an abject failure. Worse, it's costing us oodles of money, and not just from bounced checks.
Quicker than you can say Office of the Comptroller of the Currency the Obama administration's promise to do justice for over four million foreclosed homeowners has evaporated into the could-have-been ether.
After raising hopes that some defrauded homeowners may finally see justice, the agency's bungled investigation and rushed settlement only managed to twist the knife deeper. Simply put, it's a travesty and still, no one goes to jail.
"We would like more information about how the potential settlement amount is to be determined in light of the potential wrongdoing
The OCC's failure to force HSBC to fix a broken anti-money laundering system "identified by its examiners over a six-year