The consultants' report does not comment on the validity of sanctions handed out by the university to students found responsible
Seeing higher numbers in annual crime reports for sexual violence means the campus is "breaking that culture of silence," said
Aidan Dougherty, a male witness interviewed for the case, who agreed to speak on the record for this article, said disclosure
But with tensions high, critics keep seeing the worst in strange occurrences on campus. Tranquada told HuffPost that the
Former sex crime prosecutors Gina Smith and Leslie Gomez have made a name for themselves as the go-to team for colleges and
Internet trolls are sending hundreds of false rape reports to an Occidental College online form that allows students to anonymously
The college created the online reporting form in the summer of 2012 to encourage students to report assaults so the school
"We all agreed [the revelation] would be misinterpreted and could raise some eyebrows, but we were trying to do the right
Professors at Occidental College in Los Angeles say they are confused after administrators confiscated computers and cell
Allred declined to comment as well, issuing a statement nearly identical to Tranquada's. Occidental has made several changes
Elverson was not available for comment. UNC-Chapel Hill, Occidental and Swarthmore were the first in a wave of colleges and
Across the country at Occidental College, second-year students Michaela Bosch and Hannah Kessel were surprised to first learn
AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT “Without a policy that accurately and precisely defines sexual misconduct, grievance boards are left
The college had earlier hired two outside lawyers, Gina Smith and Leslie Gomez, to help the administration review and reform
It is a very powerful statement coming from a faculty united in defense of survivors of sexual assault and their allies. We now wait to see how the college president, Jonathan Veitch, moves forward.
Occidental College faculty on Monday passed a vote of "no confidence" in two high-level administrators based on their handling
What's worse than rape is betrayal. Students are attending schools that betray them, campuses in which violence has become a part of the experience, and in which, despite popular belief, there is no punishment for rape, rather a punishment for coming forward.
we will no longer live in a world in which going to college increases one's risk of sexual assault, in which administrations promote rape myths and stoke rape culture, in which reporting a sexual crime exposes you to further trauma and betrayal. 
The women who filed the complaint have been pushing the college for six years to improve sexual assault policies. Lately
Annie Clark's wall is covered with notes and news clippings about people who, like her, resent how their school responded