Since then, the college administration has been accused of secretly tracking anonymous sexual assault reports. In addition
"My suggestion to schools who want to increase reporting and fear the negative blowback is frame the message yourself," said
"FIRE may have omitted the names of the survivor and the perpetrator, but the fact that they publicized the witnesses' names
The incident adds to growing tensions on campus following discussions about break-ins and a high-profile firing of a Los
Former sex crime prosecutors Gina Smith and Leslie Gomez have made a name for themselves as the go-to team for colleges and
(The men's rights website named this writer, a Huffington Post associate editor who frequently reports on college sexual
Occidental's handling of reports of sexual violence is currently under a federal review in response to the complaint filed
The University of Southern California and Occidental College, two Los Angeles schools under federal investigations for their
Uhrich wrote that the college had a legal obligation to preserve all documents in its "possession, custody or control" relevant
Occidental College has settled a lawsuit with students who claimed the Los Angeles school failed to properly handle their