Haylin Belay uses her magic rituals to heal from past trauma and to find an inner power in a society that often doesn’t value women of color.
And what the marginalized genre can teach us about seeing in general.
I assume your name is Corbin because of how often you scream, "My name is Corbin!" from within my walls. I'm not a man who likes confrontation. I didn't say anything when you started squatting in the attic. I didn't say anything when Mr. Tibbles disappeared.
If you've ever suspected that a good orgasm may be the key to unlocking the dark secrets of the universe, read on.
Religious leaders across the world have been calling on people to pray for the fate of refugees, whose plight has become a major issue in Europe, the Middle East and Africa recently. However, I decided not to resort to prayer, but take a different approach, to wit: Sorcery.