When we politicize the pursuit of justice, we ironically perpetuate injustice and contribute to corruption. How many voices
Israel's governmental policies toward Palestinians are atrocious.
I went to Ramallah this weekend to visit a friend living there, and the experiences I had forced me to rethink oppression
This is the 50th year of the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, and no one sees any likelihood of it ending any time soon.
Reality has moved way beyond just recognizing Palestinians are there. We need to hear their voices, understand their pain, and say that our Democratic Party understands that this is conflict that must be resolved by respecting the rights of both peoples.
Palestinian-Israeli writer Sayed Kashua should be commended for writing this book, as should be the publishers who took on
Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/5/article/1076 Any idea that can speed up the end of what the UN Security Council
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The Friends of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini have been working in shifts since 2004 to keep the building constantly occupied.
Nadine Naber is Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois
America is practically bankrupt, yet Israel remains a multi-billion dollar dependent. The U.S. can't afford to continue subsidizing well-off nations, no matter how friendly. And Israel, which spends heavily both to expand state regulation and occupy Palestinian lands, doesn't need American support.
Carrie Greenleaf is a 47-year-old woman who is one of the millions of people around the world who work as a driver for a ride-sharing service. Cat Greenleaf, her sister, sits in the passengers seat one morning to ask her about her experience and why she prefers driving to a more stable source of income.
It may seem counterintuitive, or even downright strange, but Israel's geopolitical position is probably stronger now than at any time in the country's history.
Despite America's longstanding position considering Israeli settlements illegitimate, successive administrations have done very little to stop the expansion of the settlement enterprise. Israel continues to build these settlements unabatedly, precisely because America's position is void of any substantive action.
As it discusses next steps, Europe must recognize that "the US leads" approach to resolving the conflict is doomed to never-ending failure: It affords time for the Israeli settlement enterprise to further entrench itself and makes the two-state solution increasingly impossible to achieve.
The Obama administration is portrayed as disinterested in saving Iraq and whilst talking a good game around focusing support
Federal land is currently being occupied by protestors. Or, according to some, by domestic terrorists. But pigeonholing these guys with either label isn't quite as easy as it might first seem.
The only reason why white ranchers have any land to run their cattle on today -- whether it is land that they hold a deed to, that they now defend against federal seizure, or public land that they currently use to feed their livestock -- was stolen from the American Indians.
And let us stand us stand together with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom, supporting the boycott of Israel until justice in the Holy Land is achieved.