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"The First Amendment activities are content neutral on the First Amendment and on the National Mall," replied National Park
GOP Congressman Compares Occupy DC To World War II Memorial
Some of the picketers are homeless. Horsey, for instance, spends most of his nights in a downtown D.C. park, though he said
As a tactic for seizing parks and minds, and as a horizontal network of affinity groups, Occupy has made sense. But the branding of it has created an insular, somewhat navel-gazing culture .
WASHINGTON -- It's been a year since Occupy DC first gathered in McPherson Square and to mark the anniversary, activists
These are questions for Trainor, who will be doing a Q&A after Monday's screening. Flickr photo by Daniel Lobo, used under
On Sunday, Occupy Monsanto -- taking its name from the controversial agriculture and biotech company Monsanto -- will be
Valentine also said that the demonstrators still believe the Franklin School building should be "reopened and put to public
Some impatient: Light told The Huffington Post he's pleased with the "reasonable and appropriate" sentences -- to a point
As evictions continue to rise, as houses are boarded up, and as more and more working class families are displaced, the struggle around housing becomes more than just fighting for an immediate need.
Here's what the scene looked like earlier Tuesday afternoon in the park: WASHINGTON -- The Occupy movement in the nation's
WASHINGTON -- Disbarred District of Columbia attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley, running a rather quiet write-in campaign for
HuffPost: Within your group, have you considered protesting Costco? But Costco, another big box retailer, is also coming
This demonstration included setting up a number of tents on the sidewalk outside of Merrill Lynch's offices. The tents were
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified ALEC as the American Legislative Exchange Coalition
The case that preceded the protests was called a "transparent effort to create a controversy where none exists" by Naomi
In a media release sent out Tuesday, the group said it was "cautiously optimistic" about the meeting between Jones and Freddie
Occupy DC's four-month old tent city in McPherson Square was largely dismantled on Feb. 5 after a day-long standoff with
The 68-year-old former congressman who barely registered in polling on the GOP race said he will try to become the nominee
The week evokes memories and teachings about resistance to tyranny, racism, economic inequality, ecological disaster and militarism. Remembering this past, we should renew our work to resist these evils in the present.