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One day after the 2013 shutdown began, the National Park Service announced an accommodation allowing veterans to visit the
GOP Congressman Compares Occupy DC To World War II Memorial
Horsey walked across the street and asked the man what kind of job he was offering. "'Doing what you do: yelling,'" he said
As a tactic for seizing parks and minds, and as a horizontal network of affinity groups, Occupy has made sense. But the branding of it has created an insular, somewhat navel-gazing culture .
Although Occupy activists were eventually evicted from their encampments in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza in February
A smattering of star appearances, Naomi Klein, Michael Moore and Cornel West among them, reminds how ubiquitous and high
According to its website, Occupy Monsanto has demonstrations planned at at least six Trader Joe's around the country this
The demonstrators released a statement Wednesday saying that their guilty verdicts, and five-day suspended sentences, are
Light told The Huffington Post he's pleased with the "reasonable and appropriate" sentences -- to a point. WASHINGTON -- An
As evictions continue to rise, as houses are boarded up, and as more and more working class families are displaced, the struggle around housing becomes more than just fighting for an immediate need.