Occupy Detroit

While the Occupy Movement is known for protesting the power of big banks and transnational corporations, This Hood of Ours
Lawyer Joe McGuire led up to the big moment with a story about meeting girlfriend Nina Chacker, a teacher, when they both
"I owned my own business. I was making plenty of money. I had all my needs met," he told The Huffington Post. Two years ago
Although the ninety nine can't match in dollars, we answer in everyday people simply engaged in democracy. As we watch the election this week unravel in the State of Wisconsin, our hope is that our collective voice of organized people will win.
Attorney Kathy Murphy, who monitored the protest as a legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild, said it was her understanding
For a full recap and updates, see below. May 1, known as International Workers Day, more recently has been a day to push
"I think one of the great things about the Occupy movement is it's a horizontal organization," said Shelley. "People vote
"Public Act 4, the consent agreement and the future of Detroit are inextricably tied right now," said coalition member Russ
Members of Occupy Detroit held a candlelight vigil at the Rosa Parks Transit Center Wednesday night to remember the civil