Occupy Detroit

Like Occupy Detroit, This Hood of Ours also was involved in the foreclosure struggle. It has been working with a group called
But McGuire isn't quite the first Occupier to mix marriage and activism. Back in October, a man used Occupy Wall Street's
His new life? Operating his own community bike space. The project opened last summer with the goal of giving bikes and teaching
Although the ninety nine can't match in dollars, we answer in everyday people simply engaged in democracy. As we watch the election this week unravel in the State of Wisconsin, our hope is that our collective voice of organized people will win.
The overnight protest came after a day of marching and activity to celebrate May Day, coordinated with protests and Occupy
May 1, known as International Workers Day, more recently has been a day to push for immigrant rights in the United States
Chacker said the original Grand Circus Park occupation was important, but the group has seen positive results since the camp
In a 5-4 vote last week, Council approved the agreement, which creates a nine-person financial advisory board to manage the
"Public transportation is a human right," he said. "Martin Luther King ... fought for rights for all people." "I don't think
Attorney Jerry Goldberg, who belongs to Detroit's Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, works actively with Occupy
Doug Rothwell, the business group's president and CEO touted its "2012 Michigan Turnaround Plan" in a statement. Business
Wayne County Commissioner Martha G. Scott, who spoke at Thursday's rally, is proposing a homeowners' protection and neighborhood
Edgar Lebron, a recent Southwestern High graduate said he worried about the possibility of gang-related violence if his former
Two weeks ago the couple got formal notice of an eviction. On Monday, a contractor attempted to place a dumpster on the Garrett
What has happened over the last five days indicates that the conversation about the effects of bank lending practices has progressed. It also shows that grassroots activism makes a difference.
Additionally, Finley said, her parents would suffer if they left their tight-knit community. In November, the bank denied
"The Arab Spring is obviously very significant for people in communities like Dearborn," which has a large Arab-American
"People in my community feel very disenfranchised already," O'Neil said. "Their ability to feel they have a representative
The new legislation Bush alluded to is an effort by Republican state Senators to pass a stop-gap bill in the event the petition