Occupy Oakland

Breaking windows, spraying graffiti and setting fires to garbage cans isn't original; it hasn't worked in the past and it isn't working now to alleviate our sorrow. Living amidst nightly violence weakens our unity.
Two people were arrested for an outstanding warrant for a prior vandalism and another for battery, but there were no arrests
In an attempt to connect the Occupy Movement to important Bay Area political struggles of the past, the Occupy Bay Area artworks
"We are taking some defensive measures to safeguard the site and prevent a recurrence," said Flint.The district has installed
"We’re trying to stand up for other families, not just in Oakland but our nation," one protester told CBS News. "There are
By TERRY COLLINS and BETH DUFF-BROWN, The Associated Press The images of the flag-burning went viral in the hours after Saturday's
"We are not afraid of a lawsuit," Johnson said. "And we are confident that a court would issue sanctions against BANG if
If there's ever been a year when civilians and police clashed as often and in as many different places across the globe, it's
For more San Francisco politics and beyond, follow The Snitch on Twitter. KTVU reports that the panel was "barely seated
The story of the Bahraini pro-democracy uprising has been one of the least reported amongst those of the 'Arab spring.' This goes for the regional Arab media, as well as for the majority of western press.