Occupy Oakland

Breaking windows, spraying graffiti and setting fires to garbage cans isn't original; it hasn't worked in the past and it isn't working now to alleviate our sorrow. Living amidst nightly violence weakens our unity.
Check out some Chalk Walk photos from last night: Two people were arrested for an outstanding warrant for a prior vandalism
Starting this Saturday, The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts pays homage to the local legacy with a new exhibit featuring
Authorities arrived on scene just after 4 a.m. and ordered protesters (a.k.a. teachers, parents, and probably some tutors
"This is going to be the hub in Oakland, the place for public education,” Joel Velasquez, whose son attended Lakeview, told
While there is plenty of talk (and lots of good community work) coming from the "food movement," it is a still a long way from challenging the power of the corporate food regime. But it is growing fast.
Gitlin, who is writing a book about the movement, noted that flags have had a prominent place at the Occupy Wall Street encampments
"There is no way we are going to be intimidated by the Bay Area News Group," said Scott Johnson, who founded the "Occupy
If there's ever been a year when civilians and police clashed as often and in as many different places across the globe, it's
The club had arranged a panel to speak about what's next for the controversial Occupy Oakland movement, which was booted
The story of the Bahraini pro-democracy uprising has been one of the least reported amongst those of the 'Arab spring.' This goes for the regional Arab media, as well as for the majority of western press.
The Occupy Cal students were joined by hundreds of Occupy Oakland demonstrators who marched the five miles from Oakland to
The young man I watched die was someone's child. He was a child of Oakland.
The veterans were also angry that returned from war to find few job prospects. Protesters, city officials and business leaders