By the time I was almost 30, my intrusive thoughts became so painful, I knew I’d have to either kill myself or seek therapy.
I looked at my son from across the room. “What do you want for breakfast?” I asked. “I’ll have my usual,” he said. I don’t
"I totally understand now, being in it, why there shouldn’t be such a stigma on mental illness."
Ever caught yourself trapped in your own mind, looking at that mom on the street with her gorgeous child, perfect hair and
If I can't listen and learn from others, I am trapped in a very small box of my own life experience. If I can't see another
I only partially mean mapping as a charting and identification of space. For Martin it is a mapping of the mind (or the painted
I wish that having a postpartum plan was just as important as having a birth plan.
Often I'd go back to the building, whilst on my way home, and check I'd locked up 3 or 4 times. Even though I'd verbally
How can OCD be cured without professional help? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling
One of the symptoms of PTSD is avoiding situations that remind you of the event or trigger memories of the traumatic event. This becomes complicated when food is the evil instigator.
I was flipping through my Facebook when I saw a couple of people sharing a “fun” puzzle game. The game is pretty simple. You
Hi, my name is Kimberly, and I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I’m not particularly tidy or organized. I have a great
In boxing, one of the fundamental necessities of the sport is the presence of a good cornerman. In an article written a few years ago providing insight into and describing the sine qua non of the cornerman, the author declared, "he [the cornerman] must be a psychologist, able to assist the fighter through the emotional minefield that is the preparation for combat.
I had no idea how much a simple game could help him overcome his fear and anxiety of being in the great outdoors.
Or at least we, nor the media, are in a position to diagnose him. Because that’s what mental illness is -– a serious diagnosis