"Public trust in Orange County’s criminal justice system has been eviscerated," an ACLU staff attorney said.
DA Tony Rackauckas requested the U.S. probe hours after a new report ripped his office for a "win at all costs" mentality.
Diverting murder cases away from him "disrupted" justice, the ruling said.
Prosecutors and cops in the county have violated the Constitution, they say.
Prosecutors who withhold evidence from the defense can be booted from a case.
Erik Petersen is accused of mishandling critical evidence affecting several criminal cases.
"There must be an investigation and it cannot be from the AG's office or the DA’s office," one expert said.
Sanders said that in some Orange County cases, the sheriff’s jailhouse informants allegedly recorded conversations with inmates
This story has been updated with comment from Deputy Public Defender Scott Sanders. "Certain aspects of the district attorney's