ocean garbage

21-Year-Old Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup have deployed their first working prototype in the North Sea. The main device is scheduled to be deployed by 2020 and could clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch in 20 years.
21-Year Old Boyan Slat Found a Way to Actually Cleanup Our Planet's Oceans
They've found that in China, a major problem is the lack of waste collection infrastructure. Nationally, only about 40 percent
Most of us know there are unfortunate amounts of plastic floating about in the world's oceans and that the ubiquitous substance
“When marine animals consume plastic trash, presumably mistaking it for food, this can lead to internal blockages, dehydration
Go 1,000 meters down, and it's still there. Go a mile down, it's still there. Go two miles down and beyond -- down to the
These seem to be the earliest vehicles that drove the phrase into our public consciousness here in America. Fast forward many decades and the literal meaning has manifested itself in a very unappetizing way: People are eating their own trash.
"The stuff on the bottom has been accumulating for 200 years, and it's only now we're really trying to pull it out in any
Moore contends that the term "garbage patch" is misleading and that it is more like "plastic soup." While one scientist has