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It's perfect to hunt sunken treasures! 💰
This story originally appeared on Climate Central.   The depressing task of monitoring ocean acidification just got a little
The sea flooded Lake Whillans' home more than once before Antarctica iced over. The lake's ammonium and methane likely came
There is another aspect of the image that is equally impressive: its fantastic beauty, as if a collaboration between artist
Bottom line -⎯ Humans are not on the menu.
A hybrid remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dubbed Nereus was lost while diving 6.2 miles (10 km) beneath the sea surface in a deep trench northeast of New Zealand on Saturday (May 10), representatives for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have confirmed.
The Kermadec Trench is the world's second-deepest trench, plunging 32,963 feet (10,047 meters) below the sea surface, second
Mansfield and her collaborator Jeanette Wyneken did come up with a flexible attachment that could accommodate the turtles
They're not the work of World War II bombs or aliens or fairies. Instead, mysterious underwater rings spotted off the coast
This story originally appeared in Nature News. Scraps of wood salvaged off New Zealand’s coast probably come from a Dutch