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We are more than halfway through October and pink ribbon products abound. Each year, my outrage grows over companies that put pink ribbons on absolutely anything in the name of breast cancer, and this year here they are again.
Are you kidding me? How on earth could a day where girls and women are encouraged to post and share photos of their braless breasts and to walk around with their nipples poking through their shirts be "supportive" for women who are living with or who have died from breast cancer?
We need more. We need more options than losing our breasts, ovaries and other organs. Surely the conversation on breast cancer prevention has to be more involved than this?
Patrick also reminded women that it's important to meet with a doctor to find out if they are especially susceptible to breast
For more by Nancy Davis, click here. Without the parades, we did a great job of claiming our nationally-appointed Oct. 13
This year, the Breast Cancer Fund's "Prevention is Power" campaign is designed to take consumers beyond pink ribbons and toward understanding how to reduce toxic chemical exposures that are linked to the disease.