A marine biologist amusingly narrates this clip from PBS’s “Octopus: Making Contact," wondering what the animal is dreaming about.
The Cirroteuthid octopus with billowing arms was caught on camera by researchers from the vessel E/V Nautilus.
Jamie Bisceglia told HuffPost she couldn't get the animal's beak to dislodge. "It was like a prong.”
The female cephalopod was caught in a crab trap and needed months of rehabilitation before she could go free.
The Grimpoteuthis octopus, also called the dumbo octopus, is both spooky and adorable.
The octopus-wielding pinniped appears to be a New Zealand fur seal.
The Molly-coddled octopuses were "very playful, doing water acrobatics."
The cephalopod soothsayer was sold as seafood before Japan's ouster from tournament.
The market owner won't sell octopus products after playing hide-and-seek with a friendly cephalopod.