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Everything about Quill is elegant. The interface is intuitive, allowing users to specify stroke shape, size, and color with
"We're not just going to be using VR and AR to make games," said Parisi. "We're going to tell stories and create worlds. We're
The Internet is finding its way into daily objects, and artificial intelligence technologies are increasing in their capacities by the day. We're bringing ourselves deeper into our stories, and our stories deeper into ourselves.
In the last three years, we've witnessed a boom of "Gold Rush" proportions as companies, brands, and artists scramble to develop virtual reality tools, platforms, and content, trying to figure out what will win out in this new frontier.
Register for the free Terra Prime Beta release here. It will pay to be alert, as only the first 100,000 people to register
"You’ll be able to look around and experience it as if you were there."
That's the problem with much virtual reality. After years of experimentation, we've found something that undeniably works
The Gear VR has lower latency and better images compared to previously developed mobile VR headsets from Google and others
As I'm sure you've already read, Facebook recently acquired Oculus Virtual Reality for $2 billion. This is a huge deal... and here's why.
Is it possible Facebook is not looking far enough into the future in it's most recent acquisition ("Facebook in Two Billion
I mean, sure, that's a cool virtual reality headset maker. But it's nothing compared to what Yelp just came out with. OK
Even some game developers couldn't hide their resentment of the deal. A few hours after the acquisition went public, "Minecraft
Facebook's stepping into the world of virtual reality. The company announced on Tuesday afternoon it has reached a deal to acquire Oculus VR, a company paving new roads in the field, for $2 billion. The deal is comprised of $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook stock.
From Kickstarter's FAQ: Early backers essentially turned Oculus Rift's Kickstarter page into a complaint forum: Since August
"Facebook understands the potential for VR," the Oculus team wrote in a blog post announcing the deal. "Mark and his team
The experiment works like this: Male and female participants don the head-mounted displays, which have been fixed with first