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The story of how an antique wooden playground slide came into my possession reads like a sequel to "Jack and the Beanstalk
The Spring Show, (May 3 to 6 at the Park Avenue Armory, sponsored by the Art and Antique Dealers League of America) led me to make a list of some of New York City's great shops for furniture, jewelry and objets d'art.
"I was looking for a [severely enlongated skull]," Matthew told HuffPost Weird News. "I had a couple in my collection, but
"I've just had a few minor nicks here and there and certainly hacked up a few floors," Tripp said. "I'm a trained professional
"Nowadays, they have mitts, but they're cotton and more like baking mitts," he said. "The metal ones went out of favor because
"After our first episode where we sold a straitjacket to Edgar Oliver, one of our favorite customers, we got a call from