Oddly Enough

Robert was arrested after the climb and taken to a nearby police station.
Research showed that with a human staring at them, herring gulls took 21 seconds longer to approach a bag of chips than when left apparently unobserved.
The distributor of Elton John's musical biopic, however, said it "respects" the government's rules.
Franky Zapata was knocked into the water as he landed on a boat-mounted refueling platform.
Male and female participants joined the event to speak out against a lawmaker's recent attempts to curtail LGBTQ Pride celebrations in the Spanish city.
"The man entered the tower normally and started to climb once he was on the second floor," a spokeswoman for the tower's operator told reporters.
Around 50,000 tourists climb Kilimanjaro annually, but a cable car could increase that by 50 percent.
The Internet is allowing many of the country's estimated 4,000 witches to build a global customer base.
Experts say the prints more likely belong to a bear than the abominable snowman.
Researchers scraped the results from different Wiki pages and Wiki-like pages about the books and TV show.
The Texas state constitution says that a judge’s announcement of candidacy for another office “shall constitute an automatic resignation of the office then held.”
Buyan the brown bear picked Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to be reelected.
A supporter of Pope Francis says he wants people to engage with him and "not treat him like a sacred relic."
The disemboweled rats were filled with five mobile phones and chargers, three SIM cards, cigarette papers and a large amount of drugs including cannabis.
The pig was rescued and brought to an animal sanctuary in Franschhoek, where her new owners noticed her love of color and paint brushes.
The new 'Tudder' app lets British farmers swipe right on cattle they like the look of.
Abdul Salam Maftoon hopes the Prime Minister invites him to Canada to do a concert.
A Customs spokesman said some people like to bet how many times a finch chirps in a minute.