Oddly Enough

“Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr. Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories,” the Microsoft co-founder told Reuters.
Previously, Schuerner’s Baking Paradise in Dortmund made cakes shaped like toilet-rolls
Stanley Johnson told reporters, "One cannot tell the British people: you are not Europeans."
A team of Golden Retrievers and Labradors sit when they smell the virus and get a treat.
The pachyderms were decked out in tinsel and trunk masks and practiced proper social distancing.
Mana Srivate watched a video clip to figure out the location of the animal's heart.
"Gastrodia agnicellus," one of 156 plants and fungal species discovered around the world in 2020, has been crowned “the ugliest orchid in the world.”
The communication is similar to how domesticated dogs use their gaze to “point” and ask for help.
Shuhei Okawara’s masks won’t protect you from COVID-19, but they will lend you the exact appearance of an unidentified Japanese adult.
Sorawut Kittibanthorn thinks chicken feathers can be turned into a lean, protein-rich source of edible food.