But what if there is a scenario in which Trump isn't wasting time in a state that seems clearly blue, certainly bluer than nearby Ohio? There is an alternative hypothesis to consider which would actually make the strategy strategically quite smart.
The betting houses had no goal to determine the actual probability of either side winning. They only cared what proposition
In high-level soccer most of the players are guided by their wallets which means Leicester's star players will likely leave in the near future for clubs that are much richer. Regardless of whether or not Leicester win the Premier League this season, the chances are they won't even be challenging for it next season.
The horror stories from the winners - involving mob hits, cyanide poisoning, bankruptcy, divorce - made it seem like a public service to steal the tickets from everyone buying one.
That, at least, would rid modern society of one really unnecessary irritant. Either that, or movable toilet seats should
Boston is the home of Book of Odds, and in memory of those killed and wounded, and in honor of the bravery and solidarity displayed by so many, we use our tools to look at the odds of this horrific attack.
Who's taking home this year's Best Picture Oscar? In this quick segment, we look at the best predictors of who will win Best
Did you hear the one about Obama and Kerry in a Middle East casino? They start off with lots of chips. They're playing craps, making a couple of large bets which they lose. So they take their remaining chips and head to the blackjack table.
Whether you're placing bets on a hot player in your rotisserie baseball league or a hot fund in your investment portfolio, recognize that good luck is unlikely to persist.