"I want, before you die, for you to feel at rest, to feel you’ve accomplished enough. To look around at this earth and say: It was good."
7. Apple iPod Available: November 10, 2001 Original Price: $399 Given these considerations, here is my own Top 10 most important
2 Jan. Asuncion-Resistencia: 454 km (39 km timed against the watch) 3 Jan. Resistencia-San Miguel de Tucuman: 803 km (275
The answer is to strive for quality rather than quantity. To live and think well is based upon self-discipline, consideration and cooperation. None of these tenets are antithetical to social media, only unutilized.
Participants are invited to take part by sending an image from daily life taken using a smartphone and send it in from January
Macbeth is surely one of the worst hosts ever dreamed up by a playwright, but he has plenty of company in literature as a whole.
The hunt leads participants throughout the city -- those outside the city can take part online -- and a clue given out between
The notion of the "good life" can be viewed as the human quest for meaning, a formidable challenge that involves both making a living and making a life that really matters, that has significance.
Among Syria's archeological treasures are six UNESCO world heritage sites: the Old Cities of Damascus and Aleppo, the ruins
Candlewick Press' new retelling of "The Odyssey" was written in a simple style by Gillian Cross, and features images of Odysseus
Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but I cried all afternoon over selling a car. There I stood, weeping as if someone had just dumped my new Porsche into a river.
You shot yourself in the foot by calling them Space Shuttles. "Shuttles" don't boldly go where no man has gone before, they go to Chicago, and occasionally bring you from Parking Lot T to the front entrance of the State Fair.
Travel anxiety: it ranges from being uptight about missing the plane, to being terrified of flying, from being annoyed by
Penguin has confirmed that it is negotiating with agent Andrew Wylie over books that have been included in the agent's digital
Two publishing industry titans smashed into each other last week, and it couldn't have come sooner.
Barack Obama's first visit to Asia as President will feature a familiar array of weighty topics: North Korea and its nuclear
As an Epic Fail saga, Joe Lieberman is basking in the fading limelight that is diminishing with time. What will he come up with next to flip those who used to support him as he continues this mad journey?
The vast majority of the knowledge humans have assembled over the centuries, has been lost. The world's geniuses either kept
Read more on The Car Connection The 2010 Honda Odyssey goes on sale today, and there aren't many changes to report. A host
With the swimming competition of the Beijing Olympics completed, the game of finding an athlete comparable to 14-time gold medalist can begin.