The USA, compared to other industrial nations, is among the worst in regard to protecting and improving the well-being of children and families.
Many, including the IMF, were initially sceptical about Indonesia's chance of generating significant revenue from the amnesty
Asking patients to assess the results of their care is perhaps the most important single step we can take to improve health
With the global economy stuck in a low growth trap characterised by slowing productivity and rising inequality, the German
"There are instrumental and intrinsic reasons why all of us have the responsibility to work towards a more income equal world
The US is currently Africa's largest bilateral aid donor, with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Meta-learning is part of every single discipline, not a layer on top or a separate "course". Every discipline has a role
We certainly see that the most successful countries in PISA, in all parts of the world, bring real rigour to the learning
"The challenges and complexities brought by 21st century classrooms make it impossible for teachers just to rely on their
But it is difficult to question the merit and success of the Fairtrade and certified coffee, chai and cacao marketing campaigns
C. M. Rubin is the author of two widely read online series for which she received a 2011 Upton Sinclair award, "The Global
"Now more than ever, we need strong leadership," writes Reetta Heiskanen (@reettahei), "not leaders who are only trying to
In an increasingly complex world, society is rediscovering the importance of teaching character qualities or "how one behaves and engages in the world."
Join me and globally renowned thought leaders including Sir Michael Barber (UK), Dr. Michael Block (U.S.), Dr. Leon Botstein
Since the global financial crisis, countries around the world have been trying to grow their economies more quickly. Women are part of the solution. To be sure, Canada has already made impressive strides in boosting female labor participation over the past several decades.
In the debate on International Migration, it is "the voices of the refugees and migrants themselves that are missing," writes
How can successful implementation be realized given the complexity of the issues? At the level of human expertise and authority
Sadly, hundreds of millions of farmworkers earn daily wages that are lower than the price of a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate in New York or Geneva, while the industries they supply in developed nations accumulate tens of billions of dollars in profits every year.
Just last month, the World Health Organization passed its first official strategy focused on aging and health, and last year, a new book from McKinsey identified aging as one of four new mega-trends shaping our world. Even the OECD has turned its focus to the silver economy.
Brexit has been viewed by some commentators as a protest vote against the globalisation paradigm. As the Internet is the technological basis for global integration, and the medium through which billions of people experience globalisation, Brexit should make us think more seriously about the future of the Internet.