Every three months the Oxford English Dictionary announces words that will be added into its reference collection. Here are some of the 900 newly added words.
squee FOMO phablet Internet of things emoji TL;DR hackerspace derp srsly MOOC selfie digital detox Hopefully these newly
What do you think? Does "friend zone" deserve to be included in the dictionary? Let us know in the comments! Other new additions
n. 1814. A battle or fight at which much blood is spilt; a wholesale slaughter, a massacre. Every day, the Oxford English
The Oxford English Dictionary has named omnishambles, meaning a "situation which is shambolic from every possible angle," the winner this year. And so, I'd like to offer up my nominations for the 2012 Word/Phrase of the Year, holiday version.
In the last couple of days, my book has caused quite a flurry of controversy -- or rather, a misrepresentation of it has. An article in the Guardian on Monday took six pages of the book and made a big story out of it, ignoring the other 235 pages.
tweeps, pl. n.: a person’s followers on the social networking site Twitter (As in, "Good night, tweeps! Love you all xx") totes
Back in March, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) made some interesting updates. According to The Huffington Post, not only
Some years ago, Slate contributor Paul Collins became curious about the history of the word bonkers. After a letter to the
The Oxford English Dictionary made some stellar updates on March 24, which are now online. For instance, "e-mail" is now