“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” the Iowa congressman asked.
Here’s proof that it’s not just national politicians who say dumb stuff.
Democracy demands that we have processes for disagreement, more than agreement.
A battle is a conflict that can be resolved constructively, leading to an enhanced relationship. When you are at war, there are constant, repetitive, unresolved battles. War is not productive and only serves to hamper your relationship, increase dissonance and create more battles.
Despite their self-titled last album, Preoccupations has thrown their old name away.
Many of those spewing anti-gay rhetoric engage in gaslighting, which “is a form of mental abuse in which a victim is manipulated
"Romania: do not give someone an even number of flowers. That's reserved for funerals." - moderatelyremarkable "In Brazil
Former Washington Wizards superstar Gilbert Arenas is at it again and love it or not, he's transitioning smoothly into his new career as one of America's most hated Internet villains.
I can say "Merry Christmas" and you can still have a happy holiday. I can say something sexist and you can still function
This trend of catastrophization is so dangerous -- instead of spreading awareness of racial, gender and economic inequality, it shifts the focus toward policing speech and shaming perceived transgressors. As liberals, we need to remember is that this behavior violates two fundamental assumptions of our ideology.