office behavior

Have you ever felt like some people you work with act like spoiled children as opposed to professional adults?
A vital yet intangible element of all healthy and well-performing workplaces is the presence of good karma or, if you prefer, positive energy.
Line cutters. Nail biters. Pole huggers. Slow walkers. Loud chewers. 😠
File papers: check. Develop marketing plan: check. Get baby from doctor and drop off prescription medication at pharmacy...check? Everyone needs additional help from time to time, including your boss. But how much is too much when it comes to asking a favor from an employee?
Wearing pants to work? Yes. Wearing only pants to work? No. Can I smoke pot in the office? ... No? Okay, but what if I really
It's the Queen of Procrastination here, coming to you -- live - - from the kitchen table which, I just noticed, needs to be wiped.
In "The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan" we suggest a framework for adjusting to a new boss Here are seven behaviors to keep in mind.
I often cry at work. I don't really like to, but I know that it's as much a part of who I am as my eye color.
if your current frustration is dwarfed by your necessity to cling to your present paycheck, here are a few things you may wish to avoid.